Spray Research and Technology Center

Your Challenge Is Our Progression

The success and innovation of our products is made possible through research and technology.  Lechler’s state of the art Research and Technology Center is over 6,400 sq feet and offers an extensive line of advanced testing equipment.   Our Spray Lab remains to be the core and can realistically simulate the most difficult application scenarios while precisely analyzing spray behavior. 

Lab Facilities

Development and technology are crucial to what we do at Lechler.  The facilities house our test benches and all of the metrological equipment that allows us to offer our customers unique, practice-based knowledge about the spray nozzle solutions provided. Our testing stations include:

Spray Characteristics

Based on the results of the rigorous testing processes that take place in our measurement technology facilities, we are able to accurately describe and classify the specific spray characteristics of our nozzles. Six valuable spray characteristics are:

  • Droplets
  • Spray force
  • Liquid distribution
  • Spray angle, pressure, and flow rate


We do not measure these spray characteristics for our knowledge and benefit alone; we measure them so that our customers can know exactly what our nozzles are optimally designed to do.

We provide detailed technical data product sheets for each one of our many nozzles. On this data product sheet, we list the maximum temperature, the recommended operating pressure, the flow rate, and other results from the rigorous testing in our metrological facilities. Without access to our testing facilities and technologies, we would not be able to produce such detailed and accurate specifications for our products.

Lechler: Engineering Your Spray Solution

At Lechler, we don’t just sell spray nozzles. We offer highly specialized and customized solutions for your spray needs that have been rigorously tested and proven to produce the results you are looking for.  With over 140 years of experience, we are industry leaders, committed to providing quality, innovative products for our customers all around the world. Contact us today for more information, so that we can work with you to engineer an excellent spray solution.



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