Nozzle lances and systems for denitrification

Drawing on our extensive expertise, we assist you in complying with limit values.

In DeNOx applications, twin-fluid nozzles are used as a general rule. Thereby the reagent is atomized with compressed air. The advantage that twin-fluid nozzles have compared to single-fluid nozzles lies in the controllability of the droplet size and generally in the realization of a large flow-rate control range. Due to the varying local conditions and the different response characteristics of the incedted media, it must be possible to control the droplet size and thus the depth of penetration. Our range of solutions includes various DeNOx systems for different specified limits. We will be happy to help you to find an individual solution that fits perfectly today and will grow tomorrow to keep up with rising demand.


Laval-Düse (für DeNOx-Anwendungen)

Laval nozzle lances

Special twin-fluid nozzles for DeNOx applications. In DeNOx applications with SNCR processes, small Laval nozzles are usually used. These nozzles are characterized by a high discharge velocity, enabling the optimum droplet spectrum to be introduced into the reactor with a great penetration depth.

Laval Nozzle Lances for Denitrification
Laval-Flachstrahldüse (für DeNOx-Anwendungen)

Laval flat fan nozzle lances

Special twin-fluid nozzles for DeNOx applications. The Lechler laval flat fan nozzle is a special nozzle engineered to meet the specific requirements of the SCR and SNCR processes. The air/liquid mixture exits via three spray holes creating a wide and flat spray with an even better surface coverage.

Laval Flat Fan Nozzle Lances
1AW nozzle lances

1AW nozzle lances

Twin-fluid nozzles with finest droplet size range.This twin-fluid nozzle enables finest droplet size range and shortest evaporation distances while also allowing very good controllability of the flow rate. Cluster heads designed specifically for these nozzles multiply the flow rates and adapt the spray pattern to the requirements at the point of injection.

1AW Nozzle Lances
MasterNOx<sup>®</sup> nozzle


Twin-fluid nozzles with a small outer diameter. The nozzles specially developed for the retrofitting of existing power plants is characterized by a small outer diameter.

VarioClean® – NOx

VarioClean – NOx (heSNCR) denitrification system

The denitrification solution that grows with you. Lechler has joined forces with STEAG to develop an SNCR concept that reliably ensures compliance with the valid limit values. Depending on the requirements of the legal situation, the modular system VarioClean – NOx can be flexibly upgraded across the three configuration levels Basic, Efficiency and High Efficiency SNCR.

VarioClean – NOx


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