Gear controlled

Persistent soiling requires special measures. That is why Lechler's high impact tank cleaning machines are equiped with high-grade gear units and work with measurably controlled rotation. They have proven their performance in the food and beverage industry, chemical and petrochemical industry and paper industry.

Nozzle Series

Series 5T2/5T3 "MeshClean"

The MeshClean is extremely effective thanks to the particularly powerful solid jet nozzles. It isalso suitable for small tanks with persistent soiling. A special nozzle shape ensures active self-cleaning. Due to its hygienic design, the Mesh Clean is engineered for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as for the food and beverage industry.

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Series 5TB High Impact Tank Cleaning Nozzle

Series 5TB High Impact Tank Cleaning Nozzle

The Hygenic 5TB has firmly established itself, above all in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries - and for good reason: These especially strong solid jets produce an extremely high degree of effectiveness, while the gear-controlled rotation ensures high levels of efficiency. All components are made from high surface quality. The 5TB is suitable for high pressures and temperatures.


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Series 5TM High Impact Tank Cleaning Nozzle

Series 5TM High Impact Tank Cleaning Nozzle

The 5TM is used in many applications, including the petrochemical industry. It is noted for its robust and proven construction, effective solid jets and gear-controlled rotation. The 5TM can also be repaired on site.


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High pressure nozzles


Series 5TP "PressureClean"

The PressureClean achieves maximum cleaning efficiency through precise solid jets and is suitable for small tanks with the most persistent soiling. The PressureClean is driven by an efficient 24 V motor. The drive unit is housed in a robust, IP 65-certified motor housing, which – like the water connection – is located outside the tank.

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