For many of us, hygiene has become an important topic of discussion these days.  In order for hygiene to be effective, you need to make sure that your disinfectants are being properly applied.  Common disinfectants such as peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, aldehydes, and other alcohols are considered dangerous products.  This is why the correct dosage must be applied carefully and why atomizing nozzles are used for applying this type of media.


Types of nozzles used for disinfection

Atomizing nozzles produce very fine droplets, which increase the reactive surface.  This is important because a large reactive surface ensures the disinfectant will cover the targeted area.  This reduces waste and can save on the amount of media being sprayed to the applied area.

Hollow cone nozzles

Hollow cone nozzles are designed to produce very fine droplets for large surface areas.  A swirl insert inside the nozzle creates a conical spray with a hollow center resulting in ring shape.  This configuration is generally limited to small capacities but generates some of the finest droplet size profiles of any single fluid nozzle.



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