Every year employees are injured from manually cleaning equipment in the workplace.  Whether you are crawling inside a tank or walking on wet production floors, you are putting yourself at risk by falling or slipping. High-pressure power washers use excessive amounts of water and chemicals, which can lead to higher costs.

Safety should be a top priority in any processing plant and by reducing the risk for injury; employees can remain safe in the workplace.   Consider automating your cleaning processes for a safer work environment.

Spray Manifolds

Conveyor belts are used for transporting various items and periodically they require cleaning. The cleaning process can be automated by installing a spray bar, both above and underneath the belt.  Lechler’s flat fan nozzles provide excellent spray impact and coverage for removing difficult substances.  This automated cleaning method requires less time and provides accurate cleaning results in a much safer environment.

Retractable Nozzles

Obstacles inside vessels, such as mixing blades and agitators can be a challenge to clean because of their location.  For this reason, engineers at Lechler specifically designed the PopUP Clean nozzle.  The PopUp Clean is installed flush inside the tank wall and with a fluid pressure of approximately 15 psi in the supply line; the nozzle automatically pops out of the housing and begins to spray.  Surfaces that were once difficult to reach, are now easily cleaned because of this specially designed nozzle.

Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Consider using rotational spray devices for cleaning your stainless steel processing tanks. Rotational nozzles provide better impact, cleaning coverage and require less time than manually cleaning with power washers.  Workers no longer need to crawl inside the tank and risk falling or injuring themselves. The droplets created by rotational spray devices are larger and strike at higher speeds, which enable them to remove tough soils.  Lechler offers a complete line of rotational spray devices for multiple size tanks and cleaning tasks.

Your employees safety should not be put at risk from cleaning equipment.  At Lechler, we are your equipment cleaning experts.  If you are still unsure which nozzle is best for your application, we would be happy to walk you through every step of the process.

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