Tank cleaning nozzle maintenance made easy

Sending in your tank cleaning machine for repair will cost you time and money. Wouldn't you rather repair your unit on site? Here are four reasons to make the switch to Lechler's 5TM:


5TM manual

1. Simple unit, no special tools required

Unlike other complex units Lechler’s 5TM was developed and designed to be easily repaired on site so that you don’t have to return it to the manufacturer.  All rotary indexing machines use a combination of gears and bearings to operate. The 5TM unit is a simple unit to refurbish, in comparison to others. The 5TM was designed with larger sized gears which make periodic servicing so easy. Each unit comes with a full color photo step by step Operational Manual showing users how to care for their machine. It includes color photos comparing a worn component to a new component which allows you to decide if it requires replacement or not. Other tank cleaning units use small stacked gears arranged in a complex array pattern, making it complicated to repair. The only tool required for a Lechler 5TM nozzle is a standard easily obtained spanner wrench. Other units require a multitude of special tools and various snap ring type pliers to deal with retaining rings. 

5TM Lightweight design

2. Lightweight design

Installing and removing heavy tank cleaning units can be a hassle and a safety concern. The 5TM weighs only 17lbs making it easier and safer to install into large tanks.

5TM Part List

3. Individual parts available

Spare parts for the 5TM can be purchased individually. There is no need to purchase a repair kit. Now you don't have excess parts on hand that you will never use and you save on cost.

Rotation Monitoring Sensor

4. Rotation Monitoring Sensor

With the new Rotation Monitoring Sensor from Lechler, rotating cleaning nozzles can be easily and reliably monitored to check if the nozzle is actually in operation. The sensor detects the water amount which is passing the sensor tip. Using a special software, the sensor can be adapted to the tank size, the pressure and the type of nozzle.

Below is an example of our 5TM high impact tank cleaning machine removing chocolate sauce.

Lechler's tank cleaning experts are here to help you with every step of the process.

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