SCR/SNCR for Cement Slurries

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For many years, nozzles and spray systems for environmental gas conditioning have been an integral part of our product portfolio. Our constant communication and knowledge with operators of cement/lime plants mean that we are always in tune with the latest developments.

Lechler nozzles are designed with these considerations in mind:

  • Cement kilns operate at high temperatures, so the SCR/SNCR systems must be designed to withstand these conditions.
  • The selection of the reducing agent and its injection method is crucial to ensure effective NOx reduction.
  • Proper mixing and distribution of the reducing agent in the flue gas stream are important to achieve uniform reduction across the system.
  • Monitoring and control systems are necessary to optimize the injection rates and ensure compliance with emission standards.

For these reasons, our nozzles provide minimal wear because we use high quality components for valve skid units and systems.

Lechler applications in the cement industry, at a glance.

Lechler cement applications at a glanceInjection of water to stabilize the grinding bed and to optimize the grinding process.Precise cooling and conditioning of hot flue gases creates stable outlet conditions for the safe and efficient operation of downstream plant components.Pre-cooling to protect downstream plant components and reduce the amount of operating gas.Injection for compensation of temperature peaks or additional cooling before the downcomer duct.SNCR process for the reduction of nitrogen oxides and compliance with the legal limit values through powerful denitrification systems in various configurations.Cooling of partial gas flow for the safe and efficient operation of the downstream plant components.Controllable and multi-stage injection to ensure precise SNCR denitrification for plants with optimal temperature range in the rotating kiln.Gas cooling in or after the clinker cooler to optimize, protect and improve the efficiency of the downstream plant componentsInjected water lowers the temperature in the mill.


Gas cooling

Gas Cooling System




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