Wash more. Entrain less.

Introducing the SMDmax™.

Take your VDU to the next level.


Lechler developed the new SMDmax™ full cone spray nozzle specifically for entrainment-sensitive spray applications. This nozzle produces significantly coarser droplets than traditional spray nozzles used in entrainment sensitive applications. Moreover, the state of the art Lechler SMDmax™ technology is also entirely machined, which helps achieve a high-tolerance surface finish inside and out, producing consistent performance every single time.



  • Allows for significantly lower entrainment across a wider operating range
  • Ideal for use in moderate to high C-factor columns
  • Largest free passage among all axial full cone nozzle designs commercially available
  • Axial orientation ensures the nozzle is self-draining
  • High-tolerance machined surfaces inside and out
  • Consistent performance due to a constant R-value of 0.5 at all pressures
  • Currently available only in 317L Stainless Steel*



  • Vacuum Distillation Columns
  • Packing Wash
  • Distillation tray spray distributors



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SMDmax™ Data Sheet

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