VarioCool gas cooling system

For a perfectly tailored solution

Our pump and control skids for regulating the flow rates of water and atomizing air are individual customer-specific solutions. Based on the requirements in each case, our first step is to design an overall concept and select the best components in order to create a perfectly tailored solution.

VarioCool® Gaskühlungssystem

First-class engineering

To perform our engineering, we determine all relevant parameters and define the plant’s design. This includes determining the nominal widths and pressure levels as well as designing the pumps and control valves. We draw up the P&I diagram and make detailed equipment and signal lists as an option. Of course, the project is fully documented to ensure that technology and processes can be quickly traced even after years of use.

High-quality components

A precise knowledge of the characteristic properties of our nozzles is essential. For only a complete system that is coordinated to how the nozzles function and operate will ensure smooth and economical operation of the gas cooling system. The service life of the products used is key to a cement plant’s profitability. Unexpected failures can quickly lead to plant stoppages and costly production outages. Which is why we fit our pump and control skids with high-quality components from well-known manufacturers as standard and the most important functional components are even realized in redundant design. The components are interconnected with pipes and mounted on a stable base frame with eyelets for crane transportation, at the same time ensuring that all components for operation and maintenance are arranged in an easily accessible manner.

Tested quality

The design (e.g. dimensioning of nominal widths) and production are in line with the latest state of the art and comply with all relevant standards. They are equally subject to the Lechler quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, as is the final acceptance. Before delivery, the pump and control skid undergoes a pressure and tightness test and is checked by our experienced engineers. This will avoid any problems during commissioning.

Control concept from the nozzle specialist

Numerous installations of VarioCool systems, years of commissioning experience, plus expertise in nozzle technology all contribute to the constant improvement and optimization of Lechler control systems. By installing a control solution from Lechler you will benefit considerably from this wealth of experience. The flexible and fully automatic concept can be perfectly adapted to your process. You will have start-up and shut-down scenarios and dynamic process conditions under perfect control with our solution.

Option packages for our VarioCool pump and control skids


Electrical wiring of the components

All components except the pump motors are wired to a junction box within the pump and control skid. This assures that the customer has a central connection point for all electrical components and measuring devices for further processing in the higher-level control.

VarioCool®-Ventilstand mit Schaltschrank

Control cabinet with complete PLC

All components including the pumps are wired to a control cabinet. The control cabinet is integrated into the base frame of the pump and control skid. The complete injection control is tested in accordance with valid electrical standards and regulations and allows all relevant process parameters to be visualized over a control panel on the control cabinet. Specific configuration and extensive testing make commissioning much faster. Communication and the exchange of signals (setpoint, plant status, error messages) with the customer’s logic system is carried out via PROFIBUS or PROFINET. The control has several modes of operation such as automatic mode and manual mode for tests during plant downtimes. In the event of faults, our engineers can quickly perform a remote diagnosis via the installed modem without the need for an on-site visit.

VarioCool® Erweiterungen Lieferumfang

Extended scope of delivery

Ring mains (1): Ring mains are usually used to supply the lances. Lechler supplies ring mains and headers together with the corresponding brackets for welding onto the flue gas duct. Accessories such as pressure transmitters and manometers plus the appropriate connections for the lances and supply lines are also included in the scope of delivery.

Purge air connection (2): In order to increase the injection turn-down ratio, individual lances or lance groups can be connected or disconnected. If the disconnected lances are in the flue gas duct, the rest of the fluid should be purged. Vaporization and deposits in the lance can be prevented in this way.

VarioCool® Wassertank

Water tank

A water tank made of steel or plastic serves as a reservoir for the pump and control skid and guarantees injection operation for a certain period of time in the event of the water supply failing. Its size is adapted to the injection quantity. The components for tank filling and level monitoring are included in the scope of delivery.

VarioCool® Sperrluftventilator

Barrier air fan

In order to protect the nozzles and lances from dust deposits and/or high temperatures, barrier air is frequently applied to them. For this purpose, Lechler supplies fans geared to the specific application with various optional attachments such as a throttle valve, suction filter and silencer.

VarioCool® Temperaturmessung

Temperature measurement

For a constantly regulated outlet temperature, it is very important for the response characteristics of the temperature sensors to be adapted to the ambient conditions. Lechler provides the appropriate thermometers and assists you in defining the installation position.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Complete solution from a single source
  • Use of our many years of experience in commissioning
  • Coordinated system components
  • Use of high-quality components
  • Minimum number of interfaces
  • System adapted to your specific operational requirements
  • Reduced installation and commissioning times
  • Worldwide availability of spare parts
  • Global Lechler network with service partners
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