Nozzle lances and systems for gas cooling

Efficient cooling and conditioning

When cooling and conditioning gas, it is important to generate the optimum droplet size range and distribute it as uniformly as possible in the gas flow. The requirement for this is that the respective processes are understood in detail and the gas treatment is matched to them. With our wide range of nozzles and gas treatment systems, we offer the perfect solution for every application. We work with you to develop the best solution for your business. We support you with comprehensive consulting services ranging from process analysis to turnkey solutions.



VarioJet nozzle lances

Twin-fluid nozzles with low air consumption despite large outlet angle. The innovative design of the nozzle achieves a spray with a large outlet angle. This is characterised by an uniform liquid distribution as well as a fine droplet spectrum with a low specific air consumption.

VarioJet Nozzle Lances

Laval nozzle lances

Twin-fluid nozzles for a wide droplet spectrum in special applications. The large free cross-sections of the nozzle also allow atomization of viscous or solid-laden liquids.

Laval Nozzle Lances for Gas Cooling
Spillback nozzle lances

Spillback nozzle lances

Spillback nozzles guarantee an atomization without compressed air. The liquid is atomized as a fine hollow cone. A uniform and fine liquid atomization is achieved across the entire control range.

Spillback Nozzle Lances for Gas Cooling
VarioCool<sup>®</sup> gas cooling system

VarioCool gas cooling system

VarioCool gas cooling systems are individual customer-specific solutions for regulating the flow rates of water and atomizing air.

VarioCool gas cooling system


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