Spillback Nozzle Lances

Spillback Nozzle Lances for Gas Cooling

Finest atomization without compressed air

With the new generation of RS II-3 nozzles, the droplet size D32 at 507 psi could be reduced to 85-130 µm over the operating points of the complete series. Several case studies for gas cooling towers have shown that the required evaporation distance can be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional spillback nozzles.

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Spray angle of the individual nozzles
Spray angle of the individual nozzles90° as hollow cone
High turn-down ratio
High turn-down ratio10:1 (up to 12:1)
Low operating costs
Low operating costsas no atomizing air required
Even and fine liquid atomization
Even and fine liquid atomizationover the entire control range
Executionas single or cluster nozzle lances possible
Typical pressure range
Typical pressure rangeof 508 psi, g in the supply line at the nozzle

These special single-fluid nozzles work according to the pressure atomization principle. The water is sent to the nozzle with a relatively constant feed pressure, independent of the atomized flow rate.

The amount of liquid injected is adjusted via a control valve in the spillback line, whereby part of the flow is taken from the inlet flow rate and returned to the tank. The maximum atomized flow rate is achieved with the control valve closed. Uniform and fine liquid atomization is achieved across the entire control range.


  • Gas cooling in medium-sized and large gas cooling towers
  • Gas cooling in clinker cooler

Application areas

Clinker cooler

Gaskühlung im Klinkerkühler

Dry desulphurization

DeSOx in ZWS-Reaktor

Functionality of Spillback Nozzle Lances

Our nozzle lances are customer-specific designs, which are manufactured on a project-related basis taking into account the local and process-related conditions. This ensures that the spray is optimally placed and aligned in the flue gas duct.

The nozzles themselves have a low-maintenance design and can be quickly cleaned or exchanged with minimal effort.

Lechler nozzle lances are available with many options, including but not limited to:

  • Protection tube to increase the service life in case of higher temperatures, high dust loads and aggressive gases, with barrier air as an option.
  • Guide rail to facilitate lance installation
  • Wedge flange, standard flange and special flange
  • Shifting device to change the insertion lenght
  • Pre-assembled accessory kits for process media connections
  • Further special customizations including wear protection, insulation, water cooling or coating

Functionality and characteristics of a spillback nozzle


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