Lechler Online Cleaning (LOC)

Cleaning-in-Place-System for twin-fluid nozzle lances.

In semi-dry flue gas cleaning processes of power plants, an alkaline washing suspension, usually lime milk is injected into the hot flue gas. The droplets introduced with twin-fluid nozzles evaporate in the heat transferred. At the same time, harmful substances such as SO2, HCl and HF react with the reaction agent in the washing fluid.

Lechler Online Cleaning (LOC®)

The washing suspension frequently causes harmful deposits and clogging in the nozzles and pipelines. Without regular disassembly and cleaning of the lance nozzles, continuous safe operation of the system was frequently not possible. Good process-related results frequently had to be purchased with a high effort for maintenance.

With the Lechler LOC Cleaning-in-Place-System, extensive disassembly, unnecessary standstill times and personnel costs then become unnecessary.

Lechler Online Cleaning (LOC®)

LOC makes your system more economical.

Lechler offers an online cleaning system dimensioned for the respective application that allows a reliable continuous operation and cost-effective cleaning of the nozzle lances. The nozzles manufactured from wear-resistant hard metal are optimized for the atomization of suspensions. The cleaning of the individual lances is carried out cyclic in running operation and with a precisely matched use of the cleaning agent. In many cases, the low use of diluted citric acid (10%) and compressed air is already sufficient for a reliable cleaning when observing the process limit values at the same time.

LOC operating principle

LOC® Phase 1

Clogged air holes

LOC® Phase 2

Cyclic cleaning with citric acid in the compressed air

LOC® Phase 3

Cleaned nozzle

Düsen vor und nach der LOC®-Behandlung

Visible difference: nozzles before and after LOC treatment


  • High availability of the spray reactor / dryer

  • Interruption-free operation

  • Minimum effort for maintenance

  • Low costs due to controlled use of the cleaning agent


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