Pop-up rotating cleaning nozzle "PopUp Whirly"

When a certain fluid pressure is reached, the rotating cleaning nozzle of "PopUp Whirly" is automatically extended from the enclosure. These free-spinning rotating nozzles can be installed flush in the tank wall. They are also suitable for cleaning pipes and for applications that use foam. They are perfect for applications in the food and beverage industry as well as for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Technical data (pdf, 1 MB)


Max. tank diameter
Max. tank diameter0.82 – 7.2 ft
MaterialStainless steel 316L SS
stainless steel 316Ti SS (spring)
stainless steel 316 SS (snap ring)
PEEK (slidebearing)
FKM (O-ring)
Max. temperature
Max. temperature284 °F
FiltrationLine strainer with a mesh size of 0.3 mm/50 mesh
Recommended operating pressure
Recommended operating pressure30 psi
5P2: opening pressure approx. 14.5 psi
closing pressure approx. 7 psi
5P3: opening pressure approx. 13 psi
closing pressure approx. 7 psi
InstallationOperation in every direction is possible
BearingSlide bearing made of PEEK

Operating mode

Our video demonstrates the operating mode of the rotating cleaning nozzle "PopUp Whirly" Series 5P2/5P3