Efficient Continuous Casting

Nozzles for every caster

From billet casters to slab casters – Lechler offers the optimal nozzle solution for hydraulic cooling or air mist systems. We offer engineered results for everything from thick to thin slab casters, hard-hard intensive cooling, to soft reduction applications. Single-fluid and twin-fluid nozzles are available for every type of cooling strategy and every machine type.

    The ideal way to optimum cooling

    Three factors lead you to the optimum cooling of your continous casting processes:

    • Lechlers' unique range of products and solutions
      The ultimate cooling solution for all requirements does not exist. Instead each process has individual demands for every installation type, every steel format and every steel grade. Due to multiple possibilities, standard solutions are usually not suitable. Therefore we analyse the specific situation of our customers in detail.
    • Lechlers' decades of experience
      In view of the complexity of the task, we always take into account the overall process when developing our solutions. Our know-how and decades of experience in continuous casting form the basis for products and cooling solutions that ensure increased productivity and quality in steel production in the long term.
    • Lechlers' individual advice
      Each customer has his own requirements and goals. That is why we take time to listen first of all. We then clarify any open questions together with you. When developing your custom solution, we use state-of-the-art measuring techniques in order to precisely determine liquid distribution and cooling performance. Close cooperation with our customers is a high priority for us.

    Nozzle types overview

    Hydraulic nozzles

    Hydraulic nozzles

    Lechler hydraulic nozzles with a flat spray pattern or full cone nozzles are available with standardized flow rate and spray angle graduations.

    Hydraulic nozzles for secondary cooling
    Air mist nozzles

    Air mist nozzles

    Air mist nozzles are available for every type of cooling strategy and machine type.

    Air Mist nozzles for secondary cooling


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