The Lechler SELECTOSPRAY® roll cooling system is the industry standard for selective roll cooling in the rolling of flat steel, aluminium and other nonferrous strip.

In order to improve your roll cooling process you need a system that will provide precise shape control. Our unique SELECTOSPRAY® system achieves precise cooling control, due to the roll barrel which is ‘divided’ into zones, each of which has coolant precisely applied to it by MODULAX valve controlled spray nozzles. Each of the zonal sprays can be operated independently from the others either manually, by push button control, semi automatically by a PLC, or automatically in connection with a shape control system.

The SELECTOSPRAY® system can be used in conjunction with any of the shape control systems currently available, the roll zoning being dimensionend to exactly match that of the shape metering roll involved. Zone widths for both automated and manually controlled systems are available, widths in general use being between .98 in and 3.9 in.

The SELECTOSPRAY® system includes complete headers, air hoses and control cabinet.


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