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Lechler has characterized the development of new technologies from the very beginning. In over a century, we have successfully filed a large number of patents. A decisive contribution to this is our "Technical Center", the Lechler development and technology center. The technical center is over 6,400 sq ft and offers everything nozzle designers dream of.

Lechler measuring technology – laboratory and facilities

Lechler test benches and metrological facilities

Lechler spray laboratory

Spray laboratory

The centerpiece of the nozzle measurement technology at Lechler is our spray laboratory in the development and technology center. Here, our engineers have extensive measuring equipment and state-of-the-art test benches with a wide range of pump capacities available. From microfine mist up to large sprays, a wide variety of metrological investigations can be performed on the complete Lechler product range.

Lechler impact test bench

Impact test bench

The Lechler high-pressure test bench allows measurements to be taken to determine the impact force of a spray under real conditions. This allows the nozzle angle and angle of rotation to be adjusted according to the mounting conditions of the nozzles in the system.

The detection of the impact with a high local resolution takes place up to very high pressures with the highest precision and repeatability.

Lechler Phase Doppler Anemometer (PDA)

Phase Doppler Anemometer (PDA)

The use of a Phase Doppler Anemometer (PDA) allows non-contact, simultaneous measurement of droplet sizes and velocities. By observing and evaluating the optical effects occurring during the passage through a volume formed by four laser beams, the desired measured quantities are determined.

Corresponding internal standards at Lechler ensure that these complex measurements are highly repeatable.

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Oxford Lasers Visisize

Oxford Lasers Visisize

By using a laser light source, which acts as a uniform backlight through appropriate filters, a camera can take pictures of a small section of a spray. The size referenced images allow the evaluation of the droplets in terms of their size.

It is also possible to make statements about the roundness of the droplets. By evaluating recorded image pairs, the speed can be measured in addition to the droplet size throughout the path traveled by the droplets.

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Lecher experimental cooler

Experimental cooler

Together with an industrial partner, Lechler operates an experimental cooler for the metrological validation of calculation models when using single-fluid and two-fluid nozzles under realistic conditions.

The experimental cooler detects the evaporation rate of the injected spray by monitoring the droplet size and number in several levels. To allow precise acquisition of all operating data, more than 50 sensors of different types are used.

Lechler hot water test bench

Hot water test bench

Even nozzles for cleaning the interior of tanks must operate reliably. To prove this function, Lechler tank cleaning nozzles are tested in a specially designed test bench.

This allows the simulation of complete cleaning cycles under real operating conditions including appropriate contamination scenarios. Among other things, the test bench has an exact temperature control to verify point-precise container cleaning.

Liquid distribution

Liquid distribution

To determine liquid distributions the special test benches are a proven method of measurement. The spray from individual nozzles or entire nozzle assemblies is collected in sections. Then the volume of each individual section is determined.

Measuring liquid distribution is a valuable tool for optimizing the design of nozzles and nozzle assemblies as a function of different operating parameters such as target distance, operating pressure and nozzle arrangement. Lechler has several test benches with different resolution for measuring liquid distribution.

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Spray characterizing

Spray characteristics

Lechler has a multitude of possibilities to comprehensively describe sprays tailored to the specific application.

Spray characteristics