Lechler Static Spray Ball Series 527

Static spray ball Series 527

Spray ball nozzles are available in many shapes, sizes, designs and functionalities. The Series 527 is unique because this spray ball is ideal for the cleanest clean. The 3A certification also makes the products of series 527 suitable for areas with the highest of hygiene requirements - so these will include your food and beverage needs. The Series 527 spray balls clean with powerful solid jets, have a high surface quality and are also reliably resistant to high temperatures. Beer, dairy, wine, you name it, the Series 527 is approved for your most hygienically sensitive container cleaning jobs.

Technical data (pdf, 545 KB)


Max. tank diameter
Max. tank diameter0.82 – 26.9 ft
Material316L SS
Max. temperature
Max. temperature392° F
Recommended operating pressure
Recommended operating pressure20 psi
InstallationOperation in every direction is possible

What are the Specifics with the Series 527?

The Series 527 spray ball provides cleaning coverage with broader range than most of our other spray ball nozzles.  The Series 527 is able to clean tanks with a maximum diameter of just over 27 feet.  This is an incredible range which can be multiuse for you and your company, and this type of versatility can provide for all of your cleaning needs without having to invest in numerous pieces of equipment.

Operating mode

Our video demonstrates the operating mode of a static spray ball of the 527 series.

How does the Series 527 work?

The Series 527 is stainless steel and made with strategically designed patterns to achieve the optimal cleaning power.  The patterned holes can be considered in a four-tier layout.  The top tier has alternating holes.  The second tier has identical hole designs, and the third and fourth tiers are spaced to cover the entirety of the tank.  The Series 527 spray ball and can operate in every direction.  This means you do not have to just attach to a nozzle and place the spray ball inside, but you can also use the Series 527 sideways and upside down.  The Series 527 is versatile! As mentioned above, this spray ball is ideal for hygienically sensitive cleaning jobs, this is because the Series 527 is able to clean at 360 degrees – all the way around the tank or container.

The ideal pressure is 20 psi (pressure per square inch) to reach maximum diameter, but the more pressure the narrower the diameter becomes. When the Series 527 is in full operation, operating at the ideal psi, the stream emanating from the spray ball nozzle looks a lot like an exploding firework.  Powerful streams of cleaning solution are forced out at precise speeds and locations to create a 360 degree – total clean.  As the debris or soils roll from the top to the bottom of the container, that refuse picks up debris and carries it away as it cascades down the side of the container, leaving your container remarkably clean.  

Again, one of the specific uses of the Series 527 is to clean food and beverage containers.  This spray ball can operate under maximum temperature is 392 degrees Fahrenheit/200 degrees Celsius.

The water or fluid is projected in more of a triangle than straight line stream in a 360-degree burst. This intentional and strategic design allows for a full coverage clean.

Nozzle Head Slip-on Information

The Series 527 provides an R-clip made of stainless steel, and this is included with the spray ball nozzle.  Additionally, depending on the diameter of the adapter, the flow rate can be increased due to leakage between the connection and the static spray ball.

Information on Function and Operation

As you can deduce in most applications, our static spray balls do not deliver the exact same cleaning power as our rotating nozzles due to their stationary design.  These static spray ball nozzles do offer other advantages that the rotating nozzles do not, and this makes them indispensable for specific tasks.

One of the best and most obvious advantages of the static nozzle is that is does not have moving parts. Static spray balls do not rotate, so they require a comparatively large amount of liquid in order to generate turbulent flow. They are used primarily for washing down relatively medium tanks and vessels. No moving parts means fewer things that can break or become dislodged, saving you time and money. Consider this, if a rotating nozzle stops turning, then as a direct result there will be parts of the tank that the water or cleaning solution cannot reach.  With static spray balls, like the Series 527, this concern is eliminated because the spray ball cannot become stuck.  One potential issue that can arise with the static spray balls, no matter what the pattern or design, is that the individual holes could become blocked by debris as soil or refuse is being removed from the container walls.  These particles could cause blockage if they become lodged in the spray ball fluid exit holes.

Another advantage of the static nozzle and specifically the Series 527 is that these are self-draining, so that is one less thing you have to worry about when you are cleaning your tanks.

These Series 527 spray balls are easy to inspect and maintain.  That speaks for itself!

Probably the best advantage of the Series 527 is that this spray ball has been proven to be ideal to use in hygienically sensitive environments – so when you want the very best and need the best results, it is very likely this is the spray ball for your project.  This Series 527 spray ball is FDA approved for this exact reason.  Notably, the static spray balls will use more water or cleaning solution than the rotating nozzles.

Are you ready to purchase a Series 527 stainless steel spray ball?

If you are looking for resources to clean a hygienically sensitive tank or container, then the Series 527 is a must for you and your business.  We are happy to discuss in more detail the different types of spray ball nozzles we offer, and to help you determine what the best resources and products would be for your need.

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