Static Spray Ball Types

Static spray balls do not rotate, so they require a comparatively large amount of liquid in order to generate turbulent flow. They are used primarily for washing down relatively small tanks and vessels.


Nozzle Series

Spray Ball Types - Tank cleaning nozzle Series 527

Series 527

The 3A certification makes series 527 suitable for applications requiring 3-A sanitary standards in the food and dairy industry. They clean with powerful solid jets, have a high surface finish and are also resistant to high temperatures.


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Tank cleaning nozzle spray ball series 540/541

Series 540/541

The robust series 540/541 is designed with a threaded connection and a very compact design. It can be used at higher temperatures as well as for the output of steam and air.


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Static spray ball series 5B2/5B3

Series 5B2/5B3 "RinseClean"

The spray ball design has proven itself in many applications. It can be used in areas with high hygienic requirements and high temperatures. Our "RinseClean" spray ball is available with various slip-on connections, as well as in threaded or welded versions.

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