Elevate your Dairy Hygiene

Lechler's tank cleaning nozzles revolutionize hygiene standards in the dairy industry. With precision-engineered designs, they ensure thorough cleaning, vital for maintaining product quality and preventing bacterial contamination. These nozzles utilize high-impact jets and wide coverage patterns to reach every corner of Spray Drying chambers, dairy tanks, or ducting systems, eliminating residue and biofilms effectively. Their efficiency minimizes water and chemical usage, contributing to sustainability efforts. The dairy industry relies on Lechler's innovation to meet stringent cleanliness regulations and uphold consumer trust. From small-scale operations to large dairy facilities, Lechler's tank cleaning nozzles set the standard for hygiene, ensuring dairy products are safe and of the highest quality.



Precision meets power with our MeshClean nozzle. Designed for thorough cleaning, its impressive solid jet nozzles ensure every nook and cranny is free from contaminants, providing top-notch hygiene in large equipment like spray drying chambers.

Series 5T2/5T3 MeshClean

PopUp Clean

Engineered for efficiency, the PopUp Clean nozzle delivers targeted cleaning where it’s needed most, leaving no area untouched. Its compact design allows for flush installation against the wall, providing a space-saving solution for reaching inaccessible spots within smaller tanks or ducts.

Series 5P2/5P3 "PopUp Whirly"

XactClean HP 2

The all-new XactClean HP 2 rotary tank and equipment nozzle offers dairy producers a reliable solution for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in hard-to-reach places like powder and air ducts. Its hygienic design and optimized spray coverage helps meet the rigorous cleanliness standards required in the dairy industry.

Series 5S6/5S7 "XactClean® HP 2"

Static Spray Balls

Static spray balls are widely used in the dairy industry for efficient and thorough cleaning of processing equipment such as tanks, ducts, and fluid beds. These spray balls are designed to provide robust cleaning performance while minimizing water and chemical usage.Static spray balls


DryMaster spray drying nozzles are utilized in the dairy industry for their efficiency and precision in the production of powdered dairy products. These nozzles are specifically designed to atomize liquid dairy concentrates or solutions into fine droplets, which are then dried to form powdered products such as milk or whey powder.DryMaster Spray Drying Nozzles


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